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Residents in China Spring, Waco want justice for dog attacks

Posted: 7:04 PM, Feb 23, 2024
Updated: 2024-02-23 20:04:49-05

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas — Residents in China Spring and Waco believe their neighborhood is almost back to normal. After a few neighbors have dealt with a pack of dogs roaming around attacking dogs and biting one child, they want more change.

"I feel like justice wasn’t served," said Tammy Regian who lost her dog Roscoe.

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It’s been almost a week since Tammy Regian’s dog Roscoe was killed by three dogs. And although those dogs have been moved outside of the city limits she said that’s not enough.

“We don’t know that the people that they were re-homed to are going to be safe. We if those dogs strike again, it’s only a matter of time," Regian said.

Brook Farrell is the Humane Society of Central Texas. She said there are rules and regulations when dogs are re-homed or taken by animal control.

“Whenever a dog has been deemed dangerous within the city of Waco that is whenever a dog has acted violent or threats of violence towards another animal and has received that determination," Farrell said.

She said because the dogs were deemed dangerous, within the city limits, doesn’t mean the label will follow them.

“Whenever they receive a city determination of a dangerous dog label that means that that label doesn’t follow them outside of the city jurisdictions," Farrell said.

That doesn’t sit well with Regian.

"So if they’re going to the neighborhood it’s just going to be the same thing. If there’s kids or animals and there probably is it’s going to be the same issue. It’s not only here it’s about protecting other communities. Why should we just bow down and not do anything and just let it happen to somebody else," Regian said.

Kent Haney’s dog was also attacked by the dogs.

"It may have moved the problem to somewhere else but at least it’s not here," Haney said.

"If a dog was given a state title was re-home to any other location then those requirements would follow the dog the rest of its life," Farrell said.

Haney and Regian both said they feel like their neighborhood is safe now.

“Feel like they can let their kids back in the front yards and play ball and have a good time now and not have to worry about a pack of dogs running the streets and attacking them," Haney said.

Regian wants things to change from here on out.

“I want the community to speak out as well just so that we can get justice for Roscoe and for other dogs that this has happened to and just so it doesn’t happen again," Regian said.

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