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Kempner Water customers concerned about health issues amid boil water notice

Kempner water
Posted at 4:01 PM, Jun 26, 2024

CENTRAL TEXAS — Kempner Water Supply Corporation issued a boil notice because there wasn’t enough chlorine in the water.

25 News Senior Reporter Lauren Adams talked to one Kempner customer who has health issues and is concerned about how the water will affect her.

Leah Gaitan Diaz lives in Kempner.

She takes medication for an auto immune disease, and she’s been doing well until recently.

“I wasn’t sure what was happening to my body — I just noticed it got weak again and really fatigued.”

She attributes that to the water supply.

She showed 25 News her water filter that was used less than a week and it was dirty.

Their water was also cloudy.

"Instead of moving forward, I feel like I’m moving back and that’s scaring me," she said.

We went to Kempner Water Supply Corporaton and talked to the general manager, Bruce Sorenson.

He tells Lauren Adams they issued a boil water notice because there was low residual, or in other words insufficient chlorine to kill bacteria in the water.

"The boil water notice was a precaution, and it’s normally done when you have low pressure, low residual or a leak. The state mandates we issue a boil water notice," he said.

He expects the boil water notice to expire Friday after they retest the water.

As for customers like the Leah, she hopes the problem will go away.

“I just want to be safe when I turn on the faucet," she said.

There have been a lot of calls from people who are upset about the boil water notice.

They’ll be at the board meeting Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

We’ll be there and have the latest for you at 10 p.m.