Widow drives late husband's tow truck in his honor

Posted at 3:34 PM, Sep 21, 2017
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Back in May, a Central Texas tow truck driver was hit and killed on the side of the highway in Harker Heights. 

And now only four months later, his wife is driving his very truck to honor her late husband. 

Scott and Stephanie Bowles worked in the towing industry for twelve years together and she said she feels the best way to honor him is to continue on in his truck. 

"Hi, this is Stephanie with Goode and Wolfman Towing." 

Only four months after her husband was hit and killed working on the side of the highway, Stephanie Bowles is back behind the wheel of his very truck. 

"For her to get up in the morning and get in that truck, all I can say is tough. She's tough," David Goode, the owner of Goode Towing, said.  

The Goode Towing family was worried as to how Stephanie would handle working in Scott's truck but said Stephanie seemed ready and honored to do so. 

"It's what he would've wanted me to do. He wouldn't have wanted me to leave the business and I guess I feel more comfortable in this truck than I probably do any of the others. I know it top to bottom, left to right," Stephanie Bowles, the widow of hit and killed tow truck driver, Scott Bowles, said. 

Scott and Stephanie rode together in his truck every day.

"It's home. It's a piece of him that I don't think will ever leave," Bowles added.  

"I think Scott would be proud of her. I know when Stephanie started working for us, on a part-time basis, I think it made Scott, I mean he was... I think it made him feel good. I think he was like, 'that's my wife," Goode added.  

The truck, full of memories, has slowly helped Stephanie begin to heal. 

"When I get up in the truck, any truck, it just feels like he's sitting there beside me watching me and saying, you can do this. I told you, you always could," Bowles said.  

Stephanie says it's healing for her youngest son, Sean, too... who she will occasionally pick up from school in his Dad's truck.

"He's excited, he wants to be in the truck, he wants to ride with his Mom... He loves it as much as we do," Bowles added. 

Stephanie says she will continue to work and drive Scott's truck as long as she's able to do so.

"That's what he would want," Bowles said.

In addition to working for Goode Towing part-time in Scott's truck, Stephanie also continues to raise awareness of the Slow Down, Move Over law.

The truck was redone after the deadly accident, and Scott Bowles' casket was painted to match. 

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