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Wife of killed tow truck driver warns drivers to look out for emergency vehicles

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On May 11, a tow truck driver was killed after pulling over on the shoulder of I-14 to recover a disabled vehicle.

Stephanie Bowles committed herself to her husband Scott when she married him 13 years ago. Now she's committed to honoring his life the best way she can by raising awareness of the law that could have saved his life: Slow Down and Move Over. 

"It started like every regular day," Stephanie Bowles said. 

 But, shortly after Scott Bowles left to go help someone else, his wife, Stephanie, got a phone call that he'd been in an accident.

"As I was driving to the scene, I passed the ambulance, and when I got to the scene, I parked, I went down to the truck and Sam our lead driver stopped me and put his arm around me and said you just need to go to the hospital now," Bowles added.  

Scott Bowles had been walking toward a disabled car when a passing car hit him with such force it amputated his leg. Stephanie learned shortly after her husband died. 

"And my whole world just stopped," Bowles said with tears streaming down her face.    

Now, Stephanie's fighting to raise awareness of the law Slow Down and Move Over that, if followed, could've saved her husband's life. 

"All it takes is a split second and you ruin somebody's entire life," Bowles added. "It was a two second incident that cost my husband his life." 

A life that Stephanie and his Goode Towing family will continue to fight for others to remember. 

"He was a wonderful husband and father. He helped anybody he could. Towing was his life," Bowles said.  

"I would like to tell Scott, we will do what we can to help his wife and family," David Goode, the owner of Goode Towing and Recovery, said. 

Stephanie, who cries herself to sleep each night has made a new vow to her husband.

"I will continue to fight for Scott and for what this law stands for just so that it does save somebody else's life. He would've wanted that," Bowles added. 

Scott was the father to three boys, the youngest to turn nine this Sunday. 

Towing companies from all across the country have been donating to Scott Bowles' GoFundMe page to support his family.

***It is not a courtesy, it is the law. Slow Down or Move Over for any emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road... Police, Fire, EMS, TxDOT or tow trucks. 

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