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Waco dog park expanding to include food, bar and lounge

Paw Community in Waco is currently in the process of growing its park to become a place for people and pets to come together — the park is expected to open in July.
Posted at 11:31 AM, Jul 01, 2024

WACO, Texas — “This is really a vision of mine to bring our community together,” said the owner of Paw Community, Marlon Jones.

Bringing the community together — it’s something the owner of Paw Community in Waco is striving to do.

What better what to do that then bringing together people and pets!

The locally owned dog park is now in the process of expanding and moving to a new location.

The expansion will include food trucks, a cafe, a bar and lounge, and of course self-service and full service- dog washing.

“We understand that dogs are social connectors and unfortunately our world is extremely divided, but pets bring us together," Jones said.

25 News was able to speak to the owner of Paw Community, Marlon Jones, about the reasoning behind the new location.

“It didn’t give us the space for our dog park, it didn’t give us the space for the food truck cafe, it was not a space for people to be able to hang out, work, and relax if they wanted to. This space allows us to do all the things we have envisioned,” Jones said.

The self-service and full-service dog washing is already up and running but Jones tells 25 News the dog park will not be open until July.

He says it’s something he hopes will help bring neighbors together.

“Statistics say that over 65 percent of individuals own dogs and so there is a need in our community for us to have a space where our dogs can hang out but there is also a need for a space where people can also connect as well,” Jones said.

The new location is located at 515 New Dallas Hwy Waco.

For more information on the park and membership you can visit their website here.

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