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Virgil Bell, the person who prays over our community

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jul 06, 2024

CHINA SPRING — Virgil Bell believes it's his calling for pray for everyone who lives in his community and he does it without hesitation.


  • Long-time resident prays for his city and residents
  • He believes it's his ministry to pray for others in his hometown

"God called me to do it, you know and this is my ministry," said Virgil Bell, a self-described prayer warrior. "God he created us you know to be dependent upon him because he wants the best for us in everything. That's why people need prayer, and so I just gotta turn to him."
Virgil Bell is a man who some in our community call Moses. He's been praying for our neighbors for 16 years. Often he'll stand at an intersection praying over the city and its people as they drive by. It's a calling that helps him draw people closer to God.

Many times he has two rods in his hands while praying and is mostly silent unless he's praying for someone.

But on this day, he's praying out loud for everyone to hear.

"I hope they take a mighty changed life and mighty change elevation to know God's armor and to know God's purpose and his plan for their life. And know that real love only comes when you totally surrender to God," said Virgil.

And when he prays over us, he wants us to know that through prayer God can change anything.

"God got power, that's what I represent the power of God to show people that God can make every last one of us the same, loveable, peaceful, the same," said Virgil.

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