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New organization in Rockdale emerges to increase downtown activity, help local businesses

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jul 05, 2024

ROCKDALE, Texas (KRHD) — Local businesses in downtown Rockdale partnered to form Discover Downtown Rockdale, an organization dedicated to attracting and helping business in the area.

  • Local business owners are joining new organization, Discover Downtown Rockdale, created after seeing over 30 businesses move in.
  • The goal is of the organization is to help other business owners and improve business in the area through projects and events.
  • The group plans to host at least one event each month to bring exposure to the town.


When Houston native Phyllis Bell moved to Rockdale she needed a place for her business.

"I was looking for a commercial kitchen," Bell said.

Until Cherie Moran opened her doors —

"A friend of mine told me about this place," Bell said.

Businesses helping businesses — it's a motto Cherie lives by as a member of Discover Downtown Rockdale and owner of Yoga4You.

"Downtown Rockdale had a rough patch, but it is absolutely thriving again, and I want to remind people that we are here," Moran said.

It's an organization dedicated to bringing exposure to the area through projects and events.

"There's a lot to offer here, and the more we can inform people, the better it's going to be and people don't have to go anywhere. It's right here," Moran said.

And providing an outlet where the community can connect with owners like co-owner of Moon Brew Coffee Maggie Goggins.

"It's super wonderful for me to be a part of it because we're able to support our fellow business owners and other businesses are able to support us as well," Goggins said.

And where Phyllis can promote her business.

"I'm bringing gluten-free to Rockdale. What I have noticed now is there's a couple of businesses that now have gluten-free — the coffee shops and the bookstore. They now have gluten-free products in their business," she said.

All while working toward a common goal.

"We want to bring the vibrance that was here at one time back to its former glory," Bell said.

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