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Milford couple gets their culvert fixed

Heavy rains washed away their original culvert, trapping them on their own property.
Posted at 10:18 AM, Jul 07, 2024

MILFORD, Texas - (KXXV) — Brandi and Ronnie Galindo are thankful to have the proper access to their home. A friend helped them fix their culvert.

  • The Galindo's can drive across their culvert 
  • A friend helped to connect them to the right person who helped them fix their culvert 

"The people that we got in contact with that helped us, you know I thank them and I won’t forget it," said Ronnie Galindo.

It’s a blessing the Galindos will always hold close to their hearts.

When Ronnie Galindo saw the excavator on his private road it was a sign of relief for him and his wife. We first brought you the Galindos story back in May when they woke up to their culvert missing. The culvert was washed away, leaving the Galindos trapped for days on their property.

They were told it would take thousands of dollars to fix the 16-deep culvert—a price the Galindos couldn’t afford. Close to 60 said later things changed for the better all thanks to a friend and connector who made this process easy and affordable.

“So my pastor he's an expert at all these things. So he went looked at says yeah, we can do it but there was one delay after another because the rain so it right when he okay, we could do it now then it just started raining again, and you can't you know, try to build a put in culvert stuff with the heavy rain going on," said David Mojica, a friend of The Galindo's.

Mojica said it’s his pastor, David Hasen of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Hillsboro who helped to pull it all off. It’s their connection of being veterans that Mojica tells me gave him the drive to help his friend.

“And even though I've been discharged, you know, and after 20 years of service, I still haven't forgotten my family. And so we're all connected, and especially if it's war veterans," said Mojica.

The Galindos are now happy to have their biggest problem fixed.

“I’m thankful for this. My veteran friend David to bring me into this man’s path," said Mojica.

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