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3rd party investigation regarding City of Lacy Lakeview allegations possible

lacy lakeview city hall
Posted at 5:28 PM, Jul 10, 2024

25 News' Bobby Poitevint has been working with City of Lacy Lakeview Mayor Niecey Payne to set up an interview to talk over several issues within the city.

Tuesday night after the scheduled council meeting, she gave a one-on-one interview and shared how serious she’s taking concerns of a hostile work environment from city leadership.

Allegations of a hostile work environment brought on by City of Lacy Lakeview City Manager Calvin Hodde was first brought to our attention through anonymous letters signed “Employees of City of Lacy Lakeview”
back in April.

The letters were also sent to council members and allege Hodde is misusing his power and that he “casts a shadow of fear over us all.”

"What you’ve read in those letters, do you feel like it’s true" Poitevint asked.

"Well, I mean, I have to take everything at face value, so I have to take it as true," Payne said.

The letters call for a third party investigation — Mayor Payne said that’s not off the table.

“in my personal opinion, I can say that I think that it would probably be warranted but unfortunately it’s not just my decision," Payne said.

"This would be a council, governing body decision but in my personal opinion, I don’t see a problem with it but that’s my own personal opinion — that’s not me saying as a mayor.”

"Do you feel like you’ll bring that in front of council to maybe put it on the agenda to vote on it at some point in town?”, 25 News asked.

"It might be in the near future.”

Other city employees have come out to dispute these claims and support Hodde as their city managerin a letter sent to us with twenty-one signatures.

Hodde has previously directed 25 News to this letter and has repeatedly declined to do an interview with us on the matter.

Mayor Payne wants to repeat a message she has said time and time again since the beginning.

“My important message that I want to get out to the citizens is that, we hear you and we’re not just like laying low and not addressing what needs to be addressed.”

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