Billboards saying 'don't move to Texas' pop up in California cities

Posted at 10:56 AM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-27 01:43:16-04

LOS ANGELES — Billboards saying 'Don't Move to Texas' and 'The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde' sprouted throughout in Los Angeles and San Francisco earlier this week.

The sign has the famous Texas saying 'don't mess with Texas' crossed out in red with a 'dark hooded' man, portraying an ominous and dismal image.

Uvalde was the site of the Texas School Massacre, where resident and gunman Salvador Ramos shot and killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers. Ramos was later killed by law enforcement.

Since the shooting, residents of Uvalde have called for law enforcement and government leaders to be held accountable for the delayed action for the shooting, and former Uvalde ISD police chief Pete Arrendondo was fired Thursday through a unanimous vote by the Uvalde school board.

At this time, the identity of who placed the billboards is unknown.

Many businesses and companies based in Silicon Valley have or are in the process of moving their headquarters to Texas, including Tesla and Oracle. Other businesses, such as Meta, are expanding in Texas, creating new centers or facilities, or services such as Amazon and drone delivery.