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New billboard just went up along I-35, raising awareness about the findings at the Marlin Animal Shelter

Posted at 6:05 PM, Mar 14, 2024

BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, Texas — If you're driving along I-35 near Bruceville-Eddy, you'll see a second billboard helping raise awareness about the abuse claims at the Marlin Animal Shelter.

“We chose this area because it’s the exit to Marlin and so we know a lot of people are going to be going off this exit to go to Marlin,” Frances Fischer with Journey Home Rescue said.

The billboard is located directly across I-35, north of Highway 7.

Protesters said it's another way to gain attention and hold city leaders accountable.

“We decided to go ahead and put up a second billboard because of the fact that it’s been nine weeks, no arrests have been made and city officials are doing little to nothing and we feel there is a cover up and I'm calling it 'Marlingate',” Fischer said.

It’s been more than two months since the discovery of dead and neglected dogs at the Marlin Animal Shelter.

Since then, animal activists have continued the fight for justice.

First protesting in front of the Falls County Courthouse, and now spreading the word through multiple billboards.

“Let's get some justice, let’s get the Texas Rangers in here to investigate this, and let's get some arrests made,” Fischer said.

The billboard was funded by Journey Home Rescue—a rescue facility that took in several of the sick and malnourished dogs from the Marlin Animal Shelter.

Fischer told me the billboard cost approximately $3,000.

The billboard will remain in place for at least six months.

“We want something done , we want justice for the dogs,” Fischer said.