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Waco Police warn public of gift card scam costing some residents thousands

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Posted at 12:51 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 13:51:41-05

WACO, TX — Waco Police are advising the public to be aware of a new gift card scam after a phone scam was announced on March 11.

Investigators say they are receiving at least one new case a day of people who fall victim to the new scam.

The scam starts by people being tricked into buying gift cards and then immediately giving the redemption code to scammers. It is not specific to just one store as it can be with a gift card from any store.

Police want the public to know that no legitimate business, law enforcement or government agency will ask you to purchase gift cards and give them the redemption code.

Thieves will claim that you may have an outstanding warrant, they overpaid a refund they were trying to give you or they need to check your computer.

If someone asks you to do any of this, it's a scam and money will be lost.

The scam is typically seen in elderly individuals who may be more susceptible to fall victim to these scams.

Police say they received a case where the victim purchased more than $30k in gift cards believing the thieves were trying to help them.