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Mart police chief turns in resignation after complaints about his response to school threat

Posted at 7:47 AM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 20:08:26-05

MART, TX — The City of Mart Police Chief Albert Cavazos submitted his letter of resignation on Monday.

The resignation is effective Feb. 14. He will receive an honorable F5, which is a favorable recommendation letter. He will also receive one month's pay.

The announcement happened in an executive section at a city council meeting.

This all comes after the Mart ISD Board of Trustees sent a letter of complaint concerning Cavazos' response to a school threat.

The complaint said that after the chief was notified of a Snapchat video threat, he did not respond effectively.

The board of trustees said that said that the chief told the superintendent that he did not feel like there was enough to convict the student. The board felt otherwise because the Snapchat showed the suspect brandishing guns and threatening the school.

The complaint said that superintendent was informed by the Mart City Manager that the student was not arrested, days later. She said she did not hear about this information from the chief.

The district, due to his response, requested the help from the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, but they were unable to help because they weren't actually contacted by the Mart Police Department, who had an open case on the matter. They did, however, send a deputy to patrol the area.

During this incident, Cavazos was on probation for an unrelated incident. He was placed on probation in October 2019.