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Defense, prosecutors in Marvin Guy trial abruptly rest both cases in court without closing arguments

Marvin Guy
Marvin Guy
Posted at 4:06 PM, Nov 16, 2023

BELL COUNTY, Texas — Marvin Guy of Bell County has been in jail since 2014 after he shot and killed a Killeen police officer during a no-knock warrant.

Police claim they thought Guy was selling drugs, and had a local judge sign off on the warrant.

Guy claims he thought someone was trying to break in, and he didn't know the men were police.

He has been booked at the Bell County Jail for nearly a decade, and his trial began on Nov. 6.

Prosecutors presented the narrative on Thursday that Guy knew the men entering his home were police officers, and that he intentionally shot at them — Guy claims it was self-defense.

In court, the defense presented the first witness, Scott Meads — former Commander with the Killeen Police Department's CID, who retired from the department seven years ago.

According to Meads, on the day of the no-knock raid in 2014, he performed an administrative review of the incident and found several concerning issues.

Meads claims there were several issues, including tactical mistakes that left officers vulnerable, officers not paying attention to the briefing before the raid, the raid beginning late due to officers not showing up on time, and disagreements on the layout of the apartment.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza claims the issues didn't matter, because Guy was the one holding the gun who killed the officer.

The prosecution's final witness called to the stand on Thursday was Holly Dinwiddie — the wife of Det. Charles D. Dinwiddie, the SWAT leader who was shot and killed during the raid in 2014.

She shared stories and details on how her and her family have been dealing with the death of Charles, and how her and her children are still mourning the loss.

After lunch on Thursday, the Judge cleared the courtroom, including himself, leaving only the attorneys, the court reporter, and Guy.

The defense and prosecutors both rested the case without any closing arguments, and the defense did not present a full case.

The Judge called the jury to come back on Monday, to leave time for him meet with the attorneys to prepare jury charges before their return to the courtroom.

The Judge plans to take the day Friday to prepare to have the jury deliberate on Monday.

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