Interstate 14 expansion to continue through five different states

Posted: 6:02 PM, Jan 10, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-10 19:28:14-05
Interstate 14 expansion to continue through five different states

Shawnee Glass said she tries to avoid driving on the highway. 

"Just kind of come up here, go on the outer roads and go right back," said Glass.  

She said there is always a lot of traffic.

"And all the construction too, so I just avoid it at all costs," said Glass.  

She talked about the expansion of Interstate 14.

"We have legislation in Washington that will expand the corridor from El Paso, reorganize it a little bit in East and West Texas, but extend it through the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. We expect that legislation to be passed in the spring, and then we'll start working on legislation to extend the corridor through the states of Alabama and Georgia,” said John Crutchfield, Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

"Great separations through the City of Killeen, limiting frontage road access and that sort of thing. You're seeing that work take place in Harker Heights now," said Crutchfield.

Mayor Jose Segarra said the effort is aimed at making it easier for military establishments to have access to the coast.

“It's what they call forts to ports and what it does is allows bases especially like ours to have easy access to the ports,” said Segarra.

“I tried to find a house that was closer to the base, because I didn't want to have to have my husband driving on the highway every day. So I think that if it was easier to get there people could spread out a little bit more,” said Glass.

Officials also shared the interstate’s expansion should spark economic development across the area.

"We’re able to go out and recruit or at least market ourselves as a community to businesses that normally would not establish themselves in areas where there is no Interstate highway," said Segarra.

“The overpass from 35 that goes west to connect with I-14, they'll be another lane added to that. That's a single lane pass overpass now that’ll be added. Copperas Cove is making a lot of progress and adding lanes to the loop that now goes around Copperas Cove to get it up to interstate standards,” Crutchfield said.

Glass says she welcomes the growth.

"It would just help with daily commute everywhere for everybody I think," said Glass.  

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