Veteran business owner makes it his mission to give other veterans job opportunities

Posted at 6:04 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:10-04

A Central Texas veteran is giving jobs to fellow veterans who otherwise might be unemployed.

JDog Junk Removal in Killeen is a company operated by veterans and their families. 

"I look to veterans, and specifically disabled veterans, when hiring," Jayd Bosiacki, owner of JDog Junk Removal in Killeen, said. "They have what it takes to succeed. they're all winners, every one of them is going to make it, they just need opportunities."  

JDog Junk Removal does business in an area stretching from Lampasas to Temple.

"I can give them a mission with little to no supervision, and they amaze me at their ingenuity to be able to accomplish the objectives," Bosiacki added. 

Bosiacki is a veteran and was medically discharged after being injured in Iraq.

"As a disabled veteran, I saw the looks that you get as you're looking for a job, and a lot of employers don't want you. They think that you're damaged goods," Bosiacki said.

So now that he's back on his feet, he looks to do the same for his fellow veterans. 

"It gives me great pride and great happiness to be able to give to these veterans opportunities that they didn't think they had hope for," Bosiacki added. 

Randy Brooks served in the Army for 24 years before getting out in 2016 and has been working for JDog Junk Removal for the past two weeks. 

"I've already seen some of the help that he's given to troubled veterans giving them employment, helping them get back on their feet," Brooks said. 

Brooks added that working with fellow veterans helps him find the self-esteem and sense of teamwork he had while serving in the Army. 

"Everything feels pretty familiar... the way that we work, the way we work as a team, a little bit of a rank structure, the way that we put our equipment and tools together, a lot of pride in what we do," Brooks said.  

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