McLane Company launches Warriors to Wheels program

McLane Company launches Warriors to Wheels program
Posted at 12:46 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 17:58:18-04

The McLane Company announced the launch of its new Warriors to Wheels program today in Temple. Warriors to Wheels will help veterans find careers as drivers for McLane.

The program will help the McLane Company focus on opportunities to attract transitioning soldiers and veterans. With the McLane headquarters being close to Fort Hood, the program in Temple is perfect.

Rodney Smoczyk, who is the director of recruitment for the McLane Company states “They see our trucks rolling every day, they are part of the communities we serve as they serve us. So, it's a great opportunity to really have them so close to us and really give us the opportunity to get to them quickly without having to travel a long distance to get the word out."

The Department of Labor sponsors the Driver Apprenticeship Program nationally and works with the McLane Company to help train veterans in careers as drivers. For information about the Warriors to Wheels program, visit

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