Marlin police chief Damien Eaglin resigns

Posted at 11:23 AM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:47-04

Marlin Police Chief Damien Eaglin resigned from his position on Monday night, citing a hostile work environment since he became Chief of Police.

City Manager Alan Grindstaff said he had no comment regarding Eaglin's statement about having a hostile work environment. Mayor Elizabeth Nelson also declined to comment regarding that statement. She also said she could not discuss whether he had issues at work but told News Channel 25 that Eaglin had mentioned to her he was resigning because he wanted to be closer to a family member who is ill, a decision she said she respected. 

Eaglin took office in December of 2015 after his predecessor Darrell Allen passed away in November of 2015. Allen died from the injuries he sustained after being shot while working a security job at a Temple Club. 

Eaglin told News Channel 25 that at this time, he had to take care of his family. He cited a complaint filed with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement by Marlin ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Seabolt. Seabolt claims he reported Eaglin to TCOLE because he was hired as a reserve police officer but paperwork wasn't filed. Eaglin refuted the superintendent was ever hired by the police department. However, TCOLE reprimanded Eaglin after conducting an investigation. On Tuesday, Seabolt said he wished Eaglin the best in his endeavors. 

Several Marlin residents were surprised when they found out Eaglin had resigned.

"I feel sad. I liked him as a person, so I'm just sad that he resigned," Ida Peoples said.

Chelsea Fouse, who said she used to work in Marlin and had interactions with Eaglin, said not having him as chief is a loss.

"I feel he was trying to make a positive more and try to make people comfortable with law enforcement because I know a lot of people because I know a lot of people are not comfortable with them at all," Fouse said.

Earlier this year, Marlin Police made headlines after a police officer was arrested accused of stealing firearms and evidence from a case was missing and later found. 

Eaglin's last day of employment with the city will be on Friday. He has taken some time off until then. 

The City of Marlin is now advertising the open police chief position. Grindstaff said it would take two to three months to find a replacement for the chief. In the meantime, someone will be acting chief, but that person's name has not been released. 

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