CTX attorney calls on community to help remove judge with petition

Posted at 2:20 PM, Feb 28, 2017

A local attorney filed a petition to have Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown removed from the bench, and now that attorney is calling on the community and an elected official to join him in his petition against the judge. 

Brett Pritchard filed a petition to have Judge Brown removed on Feb. 15th, of this year. The attorney has now released a list of reasons the judge should be removed. 

In it, he cites things such as her setting a bail for $4 billion for a murder charge, and then setting bails that he calls "unconscionable low" for serious felonies, as two of the main reasons Brown should no longer sit on the bench. Pritchard said the judge is using her petition to push her own agenda of reforming the bail-setting system in Bell County. 

The attorney wraps up the list by calling on "citizens of Bell County, Texas to stand with me in my effort, and I also call upon your elected County Attorney, Jim Nichols," to join with him in his lawsuit to remove Brown. Thefirst hearing date to consider whether or not to remove Brown is set for March 9th, in the 169th District Court in Belton.

We made numerous calls to Judge Brown, but have not received a response.

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