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'I don't think it's just a China Spring issue': China Spring looking for assistant coaches

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jun 11, 2024

CHINA SPRING, Texas (KXXV) — China Spring is going through some changes as they are looking for new assistant coaches in multiple sports.

"There's a little bit of excitement, trying to find the next piece of the puzzle to come in and keep this program rolling," China Spring athletic director Josh Gregory said.

"When you lose a coach, it's not the best thing, you know, when you're looking at like a personal... you start to look at it like what did I do wrong? Why are they leaving? But, there's so many circumstances and situations why guys leave," China Spring football head coach Tyler Beatty said.

The sports cycle is nonstop for our local high schools and there's always changes. Finding coaches is already difficult, but for smaller towns, it's also a challenge to keep them.

"When we look at the days of the week, how many days are you going to school? What's the pay like? They're just so... it's very difficult to find coaches that are coming to China Spring for the right reasons," Beatty said.

"I don't think it's just a China Spring issue. It's across the state. We have a shortage of coaches in the state of Texas right now. There's a lot of things being done to try to promote that and keep people in the business. But, you know it's definitely become difficult for us," Gregory said.

Despite going through different faces, China Spring still finds itself at the forefront of success and finds its teachings live in not just their program, but others.

"To see our coaching staff come in, have success, and then be able to take that to a different program. It means a lot to us," Gregory said.

"Since I've been at China Spring, there's only four of us that we've been here since (2018). We've got a lot of new coaches. The best part is that the kids still believe and they still show up and they still work really hard. The grass isn't always green on the other side. It's where you water it. And so, we're gonna pour into our kids," Beatty said.

The search continues for China Spring as the Cougars get ready for the upcoming football season. Their first game will be at home against Franklin on August 30th.

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