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Marlin says police chief won't face disciplinary action while animal shelter investigation is underway

The City of Marlin held a city council meeting Tuesday afternoon where they decided that Police Chief Hommel would not be facing any disciplinary action while an investigation is underway.
Posted at 9:59 AM, Mar 20, 2024

MARLIN, Texas — Frustrations are high after Tuesday's city council meeting in Marlin.

“The mayor’s corrupt and she’s a part of it, she needs to recuse herself and be done. She's part of the problem,” Valerie Mann said.

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After months of silence the city spoke up about the findings at the city animal shelter.

“As a community and people that live here together we need to move forward in a positive light to see and ensure that this will never happen again,” councilmember Sonia Ponce said.

The council decided that the City Attorney will appoint an independent investigator, finally bringing the allegations of animal abuse under closer review.

The attorney did say he had someone in mind, but didn't say more.

For now, Marlin Police Chief James Hommel won't be facing any disciplinary action over the shelter as the council waits for the investigation to conclude.

But many said this decision falls short with what we know so far.

“Based on the investigation that we as concerned citizens have done so far, I feel like there’s enough there for termination when that investigation comes back so we don’t expect anything less,” protest organizer Dorothy Sanders said.

“Very frustrated, it’s not fair that he gets to work and get paid for it while he’s under investigation. He should have to be side-tabled, not the issue itself,” Mann said.

The city did not say how long the shelter will be under investigation.