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Marlin city council addresses animal control shelter, internal investigation into police chief planned

After months of silence, the Marlin city council addressed concerns about the city animal shelter. The council said they will hold a special meeting in regard to the animal shelter and police chief.
Posted at 9:37 AM, Mar 13, 2024

MARLIN, Texas — After months of silence from city officials, the Marlin Animal Shelter was finally addressed at Tuesday's city council meeting.

“So for future agenda items we’re going to call for a special meeting to appoint a qualified, independent investigator to investigate the animal control facility issue. In addition, we wanted an agenda item as a personal matter to review the police chief and the occurrences at the animal control facility,” council member Sonia Ponce said.

The council also stated that they are requiring the police chief to provide them with a draft of the animal control procedures and policies for them to review.

I spoke with protesters after the meeting to hear their thoughts on the council’s decision.

“Well there are already rules and procedures in place that they should’ve followed. There isn’t any need for new ones; they should have just followed the ones they already have,” rallier Valerie Mann said.

“We came here, we wanted a special meeting, we wanted an investigation and we want administrative leave for those employees that are responsible for this,” rally organizer Dorothy Sanders said.

It was an intense meeting lasting more than four hour —one man was even escorted out by police.

Protesters told me they will continue to rally every Saturday until an arrest has been made.

“I think we got our foot in the door but do I think they’re actually doing anything about it? I honestly think they’re scurrying around the subject, and I think they’re doing it to make us back off which we’re not going to do,” Mann said.

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