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'We will have maximum situational awareness': Security cameras placed around Waco for eclipse

Security Cameras in waco
Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-18 19:23:36-04

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas — Central Texans have spotted additional cameras at high traffic intersections — the 25 News team did some digging, and found out that the cameras are another way the City of Waco is preparing for the April 8 Solar Eclipse.

  • More than 30 mobile security trailers have gone up around Waco at high traffic intersections.
  • On April 8 there will be a live feed of each camera, going to McLennan County Emergency Operations Center to help them monitor traffic.
  • McLennan County sheriffs will have all hands on deck April 8, they’ll have extra fuel on hand, deputies doubled up in units, and boats on the lake and in the river and even two helicopters.


More than 30 mobile security trailers have gone up around Waco, and several Central Texas neighbors on Facebook are asking why.

“A lot of companies have placed for the purpose of shop lifting and stuff like that, but the cameras, but the cameras that we placed, that could not be farther from the truth,” Ryan Dirker said.

What are they for exactly?

“When the day of the eclipse arrives, we will have maximum situational awareness on traffic issues, or any sort of issues that may creep up during the event,” Dirker said.

The security trailers have been strategically placed around the city of Waco’s major intersections — on April 8, there will be a live feed of each, going to McLennan County Emergency Operations Center.

“We ended up placing them at those locations so we could monitor any potential backups and hopefully make adjustments,” Dirker said.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said that with Waco expecting around 100,000 visitors, they’re making every effort to avoid traffic congestion affecting emergency response times.

“That is a grave concern — at least we will have to have our helicopters in the air that can radio and can possibly direct us the best way to a situation, so we’re trying to cover all our bases,” Sheriff McNamara said.

Although there will be an influx of people, Dirker says that if there is an emergency, these security trailers are just one way to make first responders lives easier.

“They adapt and overcome — it’s what they do," he said.

"Should they be needed, we will find a way to get out there, but to the end, traffic management issue is how we best go about achieving that."

Along with helicopters, McNamara said they’ll extra fuel on hand, they’ll have deputies doubled up in units, also some in boats on the lake and in the river.

Dirker says the mobile security trailers are not here for long, after the solar eclipse they will be taken away.