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'This is what we can do to help them': Community comes together to support Trooper Chad Walker

Posted at 10:41 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 23:43:24-04

GROESBECK, TX — The community has shown its support for the Walker family since DPS Trooper Chad Walker was shot in the line of duty Friday night.

Blue ribbons now line the Limestone County Courthouse in honor of him. Community members took the time to tie hundreds of ribbons after news was released that Trooper Walker was brain dead.

"We’ve come together for this. We come together when tragedy happens," said community member, Lisa Stewart.

Praying for the family and Trooper Walker, love and support is what many are giving.

"An amazing family, 50 years of law enforcement in that family, so this is what we can do to help them," Stewart said.

There's support for the law enforcement family too. Owner of Kamdan's Cafe, Shawn Perkins, is offering free meals to those in law enforcement all day Tuesday.

"Anything like this happens, people in the small community, we like to do anything we can to help them out," Perkins said.

Trooper Walker left his mark on the Groesbeck community. Everyone is feeling the pain of the tragedy.

Perkins says Trooper Walker frequented his cafe. He loved serving Trooper Walker, knowing the sacrifice law enforcement gives daily.

"They usually come in as a group, and it usually takes up half the dining area, but it’s wonderful to see them all sitting together as a family," Perkins said.

Authorities say Trooper Walker no longer has signs of viable brain activity, but he will serve his community one more time before leaving this earth forever.

He is an organ donor and will remain on life-support until a match is found.

"For him to have that mindset to say, 'Hey, if my life comes to end, I want to further and make it better,' and that’s just Chad," said family friend and former co-worker, Dennis Wilson.

Wilson is a former sheriff and understands the life and struggles of those in law enforcement. He says the hardest part sometimes was leaving family in the morning.

"The public really doesn’t understand that our wives and our children and our families love us, and sometimes that last kiss out the door could be the last time they see us," Wilson said.