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'We cannot save them all': Haven Animal Rescue of Texas declares 'SOS' status, calls for more volunteers

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jul 03, 2024

CALDWELL, Texas (KRHD) — Local animal rescue, The Haven Animal Rescue of Texas, declared an SOS Sunday after reaching max capacity at their shelter in Caldwell.

  • The Haven Animal Rescue of Texas currently has at least 50 dogs and cats in its care.
  • Director Tracy Kellar says they need more volunteers to help out at the shelter and foster animals to free up space.
  • Now, the organization is forced to choose, which animals to rescue based on their condition.


Tracy Kellar created the Haven Animal Rescue of Texas as a solution to the animal problem in Burleson County.

But now, her organization is busting at the seams.

There's just too many animals.

"Every day, there's a new call for help," Kellar said.

And she can't save them all —

"If a dog is dropped off and is being fed by the neighbors, and it's not an immediate danger, unfortunately, sometimes we have to leave them there. We cannot save them all," she said.

They can't take any more dogs.

"I mean, I have over 50 dogs here on this property," she said.

So, she's sending out an SOS.

They need more volunteers.

"There's way more dogs than there are volunteers," Kellar said.

Volunteers like Dionne Ebanks who fosters and helps out at the shelter.

"It just means taking good care of them while they're here, making sure they are clean and fed and watered," Ebanks said.

But it gets harder as people dump animals, so Dionne is advocating for responsible pet ownership and more volunteers.

"It's easy to pass on those dogs to here, and it's a lot. It's a lot of animals to take care of, and if you don't have help, it's overwhelming and almost — there's not enough hours in the day," she said.

Tracy's just hoping someone can at least give an hour a week.

"It's just helpful. Even if you just, you know, want to come and spend some time with a dog. They all need social relations. I cannot spend enough time with these dogs," Kellar said.

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