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Severe weather ramping up allergies, while rhino virus circulates Central Texas

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 16, 2024

CENTRAL TEXAS (KXXV) — These recent rains have done more than just damage properties and roads, but it’s ramped up people’s allergies.

But after speaking to a Baylor Scott and White doctor, 25 News learned that allergies are not the main reason that Central Texans are seeing their doctors right now.

“I would say up to 30 to 40 percent of the cases that we’re seeing in an urgent care setting are due to rhino virus, or maybe another virus that’s very similar" said Dr. Greg Newman DO.

Dr. Newman is the Medical Director for Central Texas Marketplace Convenient Care.

He says rhino virus is part of the common cold family — but why are we seeing cases now in May during allergy season?

"It decided that it was going to be the virus of the month or the last few weeks, and so it should hopefully fade out here in the next few weeks," Dr. Newman said.

"We may be on to a a new virus that’s circulating around, and that’s kind of been the pattern since we've kind of gotten out of the big COVID waves.”

Dr. Newman says allergy cases are actually down compared to last month, but these recent storms are flaring up people’s allergies."

“Molds are always present in Texas because it’s usually kind of warm and humid in the Central Texas area, but particularly in the last few weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of rains so molds have really gone on the increase for allergies."

Dr. Newman says you can treat allergies caused by outdoor molds just as you would seasonal allergies, and for rhino virus — the same as you would treat the common cold.

He says if that doesn’t work go ahead and see a doctor especially if you’re having lung issues, and maybe even a fever that’s lasting multiple days.

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