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Residents respond to Valley Mills city leaders resigning

Posted at 9:00 AM, Jul 11, 2024

VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KXXV) — Residents of Valley Mills are speaking out after the mayor and city secretary resign from their positions.

  • Former Mayor Ray Bickerstaff steps down
  • Former City Secretary Robin Skinner also resigns
  • City council working on next steps


Valley Mills city council members find themselves picking up the pieces after the mayor and city resigned after a city council meeting Monday night.

Council members accepted their resignations.

The news of the recent resignation leaves some in the community in disbelief.

"Well I was shocked yesterday to find out that the mayor has resigned and the city secretary," said Kathleen Hale, a librarian for Valley Mills Public Library.

Hale worked with former Mayor Ray Bickertaff through the library and told me he was supportive.

I went to city hall to talk to Mayor Pro Tem Craig Godby about how the city council plans to move forward. Godby talked to me off-camera and told me they haven't decided how to move forward yet. But he will continue to serve as mayor pro-tem for Valley Mills.

Hale tells me what she wants to see moving forward from the city council.

"They're very pro-Valley Mills and for the community and the growth of Valley Mills and so I hope that they will continue to work with the mayor pro-temp and do the best for Valley Mills this is a wonderful little community," said Hale.

One of our Valley Mills neighbors Joe Amodio, did not want to go on camera but did provide me with a statement.

"With just having held an election a little over two months ago and the Mayoral winner having quit so abruptly, the city council has many hard decisions to make in order to keep this city running. I am going to trust that the councilmen whom the people have entrusted to take care of this city are going to circle the wagons and rely on each other to do what is in the best interest of Valley Mills," said Amodio.

Hale tells me she hopes the city makes progress.

"To see this community divided or there being any problem whatsoever, we will just go forward to have a good community here," said Hale.

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