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Local restaurant to open soon in Waco Regional Airport

Waco Regional Airport
Posted at 5:46 PM, Apr 19, 2024

MCLENNAN COUNTY, TEXAS — Right now, the Waco Regional Airport is just that, a place to check in, and fly out, but soon there will be a new addition for travelers and locals.

  • Waco's Regional Airport will be the home of Maries Bistro. An expansion from it's restaurant in downtown Waco Maries Wine Bar
  • Maries Bistro will take foods from other local restaurants in Waco and rotate them into their menu.
  • Once they open in August,
  • Maries will have grab and go options, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“In anticipation, we actually ate at the Dallas airport, because I wasn’t really expecting to see much, I would expect like a Starbucks or a few vending machines,” said two visitors arriving into Waco,"

Visitors flying in and out of Waco Regional Airport don’t have very many food options, but that’s about to change.

“Covid really gave us an opportunity to evaluate the level of service that we provide to the passengers in the surrounding community, and we felt that it was an opportunity for us to go out and seek and outside vendor to bring in food service that would serve a higher standard,” Joel Martinez said.

The airport will now be home to local chain, ‘Marie’s Bistro’.

“We’re going to bring an incredible selection of things, variety is what it’s going to be,” Sidney Warren said.

Marie’s currently has a Wine Bar on Austin Ave, Aniceto Charles and Sidney Warren say they’re goal with this new restaurant, is to give visitors a taste of Waco.

“We will partner up with other restaurants such as true Jamaica, maybe Lee’s Kitchen, maybe one of the BBQ places like Hellbergs,” said Aniceto Charles.

Once they open in August Maries will have grab and go options, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“To be honest with you, there’s not a lot of food options in that area, so to add another food option is key to integrating into the community,”

You don’t have to have a ticket to walk in, you could just be in the neighborhood.

“My hope is that it’s a staple that people just come to Marie’s at the airport, if you want an easy dinner after work, coming from town going back to China Spring,” Martinez said.

Maries is the first restaurant at the airport since all the renovations, and Martinez tells me because of the airports size, they don’t plan on adding any other restaurants. Martinez says they chose a local chain instead of a big national chain because there isn’t enough people living in the area.