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Baylor Tennis: A traveling friendship

Posted at 7:01 PM, Feb 06, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-06 20:01:24-05

WACO, Texas — Baylor's Devin Badenhorstand Luc Koenig are not just teammates on the court, but are also childhood friends from South Africa who bonded over a love of tennis.

"I think we must have been 11 at the time. We were at a tennis tournament and we both won our first round match and we were supposed to play second round. Unfortunately, I got sick," Koenig said.

"He said he was sick apparently, which hopefully, hopefully he was," Badenhorst laughingly said.

"I knew of him and then we were going to play the next day. Then our friendship basically just grew from there. We met at some tournaments and then became best friends," he said.

That relationship continued on as playing the same sport at a high level, brought them to the same university.

"I ended up visiting Baylor and just knew it was the place to be. One of the coaches is South African and that was a driving factor. Once, you know, I saw the environment that I was in here at Baylor and how amazing it is, I just had to tell Devin," Koenig said.

"I just thought this has to be the place to be. I mean, my best friend is here... I mean, it's just great," Badenhorst said.

Moving across the world is a big step but having a big aspect of your childhood with you makes it an even better experience.

"It's the best really because, growing up with him always being one of my best friends, you know, now I get to spend the next four years of my life with him," Koenig said.

"If I ever need something, if I'm ever in a tough situation, you know, I've got my best friend here," he added.

"That's only stuff like you could dream of," Badenhorst said.

Two friends that have been through every stage of life together so far and they look to keep it going as they continue to grow together.