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People in Marlin fearful after a horse was attacked, possibly by a pack of dogs

Both the dogs and the horse were roaming throughout the community unsupervised. The Marlin Police Department returned the horse to its owner.
Posted at 8:07 AM, Jun 11, 2024

Disclaimer: This article contains an image and video that some viewers may find disturbing.

MARLIN, Texas (KXXV) — “And we warned them that if they didn’t get control of the strays that they would start packing up and they would have a pack mentality and they would start attacking,” animal advocate Frances Fischer said.

People in Marlin have a lot of questions after a photo gained attraction on Facebook of a horse that was severely injured.

It is believed that the horse was attacked by a pack of dogs within the City of Marlin.

Both the horse and the dogs were seen roaming throughout the community without any supervision.

With the city animal shelter currently closed—for more than five months—animal advocates tell me they warned city leaders that something like this was bound to happen.

“I was not surprised at all that it happened, but I was very upset that it did happen because it was one hundred percent preventable. Other small towns, even though they don’t have shelters open, they do have an ACO officer that controls the strays so there is no excuse for them not to have an ACO officer and not to get control of the strays,” Fischer said.

It was later reported that the horse was returned to its owner by the Marlin Police Department, and the owners of the dog were given a citation for loose dogs at large.

“I was disgusted by the response. I was told that the horse was returned to the owner even though there were rescues that were lined up to take care of the horse,” animal advocate Dorothy Sanders said.

It's an incident that has people in and around Marlin fearful.

“Is this going to happen again with this specific pack of dogs or another pack of dogs? If they can take down a horse then they can take down a toddler or you and I,” Sanders said.