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Update and aftermath on Kurten chicken farm fire

Construction workers say they are now out of a job, while plant workers returned to work the next day.
Posted at 1:07 PM, Jan 31, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-31 14:07:05-05

KURTEN, Texas — The day after a fire engulfed two buildings at Feather Crest Farms in Kurten, officials confirmed the fire has been fully contained.

  • A crew of firefighters stayed at the site overnight to monitor the fire.
  • Firefighters continue checking the site periodically to make sure nothing rekindles.
  • Construction workers say they're out of a job while plant workers say they returned to work the next day.
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I’m Simona Barca live in Kurten, just outside of Bryan. Last night, I was showing you the plant behind me as it was completely engulfed in flames.

Tonight, as you can see it's a much quieter scene – I've confirmed with fire officials the fire is 100% contained and crews are periodically monitoring the site to make sure nothing rekindles.

Quiet – that's how many residents describe the city of Kurten.

“We kind of like it like that," Kurten resident Clay Greenwelge said.

Monday night – that wasn't the case.

“Evacuate the building, evacuate the building," emergency radios ordered.

“We were in the kitchen. And I heard a fire truck go by, and then heard another fire truck go by, and I thought okay, maybe there's a fire," Greenwelge said.

“Can you confirm that the fire started in the new construction building?" I asked.

“It did appear that way," Fire Chief Matthew Drennan said.

Fire Chief Drennan said they can't confirm the cause or the location yet – but it does seem that the fire started in the new construction building.

I spoke with some workers who were working at the plant yesterday – one of them was a construction worker in that new building. He didn't want to speak on camera, but he did show me these videos of the fire Monday night – and said everything they've built so far – burned to the ground.

He said he is now out of a job. Other plant workers I spoke with say they returned to work today.

Returning somewhere between the quiet of Kurten and the noise of Monday night.

I also spoke with the farm CEO – Sam Krouse – he tells me one of the buildings that burned down did have chickens in it at the time and they were all lost.

Reporting live in Kurten, Simona Barca.