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City of Valley Mills announces unification plan for first responders

Posted at 6:09 PM, May 30, 2024

VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KXXV) — "I think it will be better to come together," said Lucas Johnson, a resident of Valley Mills.

Johnson has lived in Valley Mills most of his life. He shared his opinion on the police and fire department working as a team. Johnson went on to tell me what he would like to see moving forward.

"When accidents happen and being on the scene together and working together it would really help the community out," Johnson said.

On Wednesday, the City of Valley Mills held a meeting to talk about first responders following state guidelines during emergency situations.

"This is actually going to be a very detailed plan that's going to involve the fight department, the police department our city personnel," Mayor Ray Bickerstaff said.

Here's how it works.

"If we have a hazmat, what's the first thing that's going to happen, the police department is going to say we'll handle traffic, fire department that is your job," Mayor Bickerstaff said.

Mayor Bickerstaff told me the plan may not fix all the issues, but he believes it's a step in the right direction for the community.

"We don't want two people out on the scene arguing and disputing and stuff when there's an emergency going on right there it would help out a lot with them coming together," Johnson said.

Although Johnson likes both departments, last week when I interviewed Valley Mills Fire Chief David Fisk, he had this to say about the current police department.

"I have no use for our police department and I have no desire so I have no desire to try to work for the police department," Fire Chief Fisk siad.

When I asked Mayor Bickerstaff, who is also a volunteer firefighter, if the city needs a police department he had this to say:

"Every community needs the support of the police department as well as the fire department whether it's a volunteer or a paid, every community needs that," Mayor Bickerstaff said.

Although Chief Fisk is declining to work with the police department, Mayor Bickerstaff is moving forward with his plans.

"Once we get it together, I'm going to give a copy to him so they'll be able to go through it and make the appropriate information deposit that they need to put into this plan," Mayor Bickerstaff said.