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Waco one step closer to being a certified music-friendly community

Posted at 10:49 PM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 23:49:54-04

WACO, TX — Waco is one step closer to becoming a certified music-friendly community.

Supporters say the certification would be a big win-win, creating new opportunities for local artists and more money for the city.

"A thriving growing city, needs a good solid diverse music scene," said Katie Selman with Keep Waco Loud.

She has been working to help local talent find the resources they need to be successful.

Today, Keep Waco Loud received word that supporters will meet with the Texas Music Office next month to take the next step into making Waco a certified music-friendly community, putting the city on the map of the music scene in Texas.

"I definitely see it being comparable and definitely being competitive with Austin or Dallas," said Selman.

The music-friendly certification would potentially give local talent more places to perform, while helping them be more sustainable

"It's gonna draw in diverse crowds. It's gonna draw in crowds that bring in money to local businesses," says Selman

Klassy Glass hosts open mic night every Monday, and they've seen the benefits of supporting local musicians.

"It's great. It has drawn up business. It's one of the busiest nights of the week," says Selman

"People think you have to go to Houston or Dallas in order to get noticed," said musician Jamaine Lopez. "I don't want to believe in that, so i hope Waco can do something about it."

The meeting is set to take place a couple of weeks, where the Texas Music Office will hear Waco's process and determine if they're ready for certification.