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Waco ISD holds mental health training for educators

Waco ISD
Posted at 7:58 PM, Jul 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-26 20:58:32-04

WACO, TX — Mental health among youth is at the forefront of society. Monday, July 26, Waco Independent School District educators went back to the classroom to learn how to treat children who might be struggling with trauma while in the building.

Inside McLane Stadium, educators received packets designed to break down how to educate a child who might be struggling. The idea is for educators to learn and use this knowledge in their schools within Waco ISD.

Normally educators are the ones molding minds, but in this case, it's a different story. Haley Dean, Principal of Hillcrest Elementary, is back in the learning seat. She's been in education for over 20 years but she's playing full-time student today.

"My entire page was completely full and I even tweeted out about it already," Dean said.

The Neurosequential Model in education is on the lesson plan for today. The simple term dictates how to educate a child who might be dealing with trauma or mental difficulties.

"One of the things that really resonates with me is that our brain likes what we know," Dean said. "If we have kids who come from chaos, that's what they know and that's what they resonate with."

Steve Graner, the professor for the day, said the education system starts with the basic understanding of how the mind works.

"This is going to talk about all the systems of the brain and understanding that is crucial on how we teach kids," Garner said.

While there's not going to be a final exam or pop quiz, Dean said she is going to apply the work to her campus going forward.

"We are going to be doing the activities, and I was thinking how can I bring that to them," Dean said.

The is just one of the many trainings for Waco ISD.