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Waco city officials asking for grant to put more officers on the street following shootings

Posted at 7:36 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 20:36:03-05

WACO, TX — People that live throughout Waco are on edge after five shootings have left two people dead this year.

"It's just ridiculous, I mean, come on. When's it going to stop?" said Waco local Brad Arnet.

Residents are turning to city officials for answers following the increase in crime and shootings.

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"It is concerning to me to know that this is happening in our own city, and making sure that we put an end to this very quickly so people can feel that security and safety that they need in their own home," said Waco City Councilman Hector Sabido.

Councilman Sabido serves the area dealing with the violence. He says the City is working with Waco Police to ensure concerns are being addressed.

The City is applying for a grant, which will bring in more money to put more officers on the streets.

"Making sure that they have a presence known in the community, and that people know they are in our backyard doing everything they can to keep our community safe," said the councilman.

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But Arnet says everyone plays a role when it comes to keeping each other safe, not just police.

"The police are doing everything they can but without help from the public then they got nothing. They got no resources," he said.

Arnet says if people want to see change, they need work hand in hand with police.

"If you saw something, you heard something, you know something, step forward. Be a human being and have compassion for those who have lost their lives," said Arnet.

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So far in 2020 there have been at least 5 shootings in McLennan county. Two of them have been fatal.

"Somebody knows something, and they need to come forward before anyone else dies," Arnet said.

Waco police are still investigating to find the suspects involved in the multiple shootings. Anyone with information is asked contact police at (254) 750-7500.