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Only off-leash Waco dog park temporarily reopens after closing on New Years Day

Posted at 10:48 PM, Jan 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-06 23:48:47-05

WACO, Texas — On January 1, the only off-leash dog park in Waco closed its doors after being open since 2011.

The H.O.T. Dog Park has become a community for people and their pets. Pet owners were shocked when they learned that the park was closing, so they got together to find a solution.

"When we learned that we were at risk of losing the dog park, it was very easy to gather everybody because they are so committed to their dogs and to being here," said Luanna Jennings.

The owner of the park, Dr. Ervin, decided to close it down after retiring from the Texas Animal Medical Center.

Jennings said she is thankful the owner allowed the community to use the property for nearly a decade.

"We are so grateful to her that none of us would be out here if it wasn't for her. We have discovered that she has kept this place up by herself with her staff and spent her own money," said Jennings.

On Monday, pet owners and Dr. Ervin compromised that they the park will remain open until it is sold.

"She is happy for us to be here and continue using it as long as we take care of it since she is not here to do it," said Jennings.