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Democrat and Republican Party Chairs say stealing signs has got to stop

Posted at 8:44 AM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 09:44:14-04

Both Republican and Democratic Party signage in McLennan County has been vandalized, stolen or otherwise damaged since the beginning of the last phase of the 2020 campaign.

Last summer and again recently, local Republican Party Chairman Bradford Holland and Democrat Party Chairwoman Mary Duty committed to and reiterated their vow to keep this campaign clean. Both leaders are available to make comments together regarding this ongoing problem in McLennan County.

“We recognize that we cannot control all of the comments that appear on local chat boards and social media accounts, or the behavior of partisans, but we would like to jointly ask the good people of McLennan County to refrain from ruining or stealing political signage. It is counterproductive and just plain juvenile to engage in this kind of behavior,” said Mary Duty.

The two political parties in McLennan County encourage people that have yard signs on display to put them back from the street, preferably in the line of sight to a security light or security camera. This discourages people from taking signs from private property.

Both leaders encourage people to report theft or damage to signs to the local party office and to local law enforcement. There is an easy form to fill out for Waco Police Department.

“We have just a few short weeks until the election day, November 3. Let us use this time to talk about issues and ideas which we solve and the ballot box, and leave the political advertising alone,” said Brad Holland.