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Locals say burglary of Salado jewelry store hurts twice as much due to the pandemic

$500,000-worth of jewelry taken from safe
Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 00:13:11-05

SALADO, TX — In Salado, folks are still in shock after learning two suspects robbed a locally-owned jewelry store, taking $500,000-worth of jewelry.

Authorities say the two suspects cut through a wall at Salado Creek Jewelers on Sunday, breaking into a safe.

“I feel really sad because the jewelry store owners work really hard. They give a lot to the community,” said Salado resident Pat Daigle.

Daigle, a frequent visitor to the store and friend of the owner, says it’s devastating, especially since the owners set up surveillance cameras and other safety features.

“They must feel really violated. Thy felt like they had done everything that they needed to do, security coming up at night sometimes. It’s just got to feel really bad for them,” she said.

Shoppes in Main in Salado owner Lara Tracey says a loss like this hits a store twice as hard during the pandemic.

“To see something like this happened at the beginning of this year when we’re all trying to get out of a rut and boost our business. You don’t want to hear these things happening anywhere, but especially right here close to home,” said Daigle.

Despite the loss, local business owners and locals say they’ll help the store bounce back. They also say it’s a reminder to lock up their stores and homes.

“Making sure that all the doors are locked like we do every night but making sure the alarm is set as well,” said Tracey.

“She receives a lot of support. People come even from surrounding towns to buy some of her custom jewelry. I think people will take extra precautions,” said Daigle.

The suspects were caught on surveillance video. They are described as slender and were last seen wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and dark hoodies. The two covered their faces and hands.

If you know any information about this incident, contact Crime Stoppers at (254) 526-TIPS (8477).