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'I don't see where he could have done anything differently': Killeen PD chief addresses officer-involved shooting

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-19 21:18:54-05

KILLEEN, TX — The full body-camera footage from the officer-involved shooting that left 52-year-old Patrick Lynn Warren Sr. dead in Killeen on January 10th was released Tuesday.

Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble had a lot to say about the incident.

He opened up the press conference Tuesday and claimed the video we’ve all seen surface regarding the death of Patrick Warren Sr. does not tell the whole story.

Kimble said the video the public has seen from the Warren family has yet to be given to the police department.

He said having the video in the department’s possession would help with their internal investigation and also the Texas Rangers’ investigation.

Kimble said the department has been criticized since the incident, but said the narrative being reported on is untruthful.

“People depict Officer Contreras as some hostile, angry police officer coming into the Warren home,” Chief Kimble said. “It was far from it.”

The family called 911 asking for a mental health deputy. Kimble said they also told the dispatcher Warren was acting aggressive toward a 25-year-old and heard yelling in the background.

That’s when Contreras, an officer assigned to the Patrol Division at KPD and an officer Kimble said has more mental health training than most in the department, arrived.

In the video, Contreras is shown entering the home and talking with people in the household. He then is met by Mr. Warren who is at the end of the hallway directly in front of him.

Contreras leaves the home for his own safety, Kimble said.

He said the officer was waiting for reinforcements when Warren came outside and advanced. Contreras Tased him but Kimble said Warren removed the prongs and began sprinting towards the officer.

“Officer Contreras asked him to stop numerous times, 'please, stop, stop, stop let me see your hands,' he continued to advance, he tried to deescalate the situation,” Kimble said. “But he didn't have that much time.”

That’s when Contreras is shown pulling his firearm and shooting the man three times in what looks to be a neighbor’s yard.

“I believe the video showed that he waited until the last possible second to use force,” Kimble explained.

While watching the video, Kimble said a big question came to mind.

“How come another adult didn’t come outside and engage with officer Contreras and tell him what was going on,” he questioned.

He also believes there’s not much else officer Contreras could have done.

“I looked at the video, I don’t see where he could have done anything differently,” he said.

The Texas Rangers say the investigation is still underway.

The Warren family, their attorney, Lee Merritt, and members of the community have since called for the termination and arrest of the officer involved.

“They [Warren's family] noticed their loved one deteriorating, undergoing some sort of psychosis. It appears they spoke to medical professionals. They wanted to get him some help," Merritt explained in an interview with 25 News last week.