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British General leaves lasting impact on Fort Hood soldiers

Posted at 7:20 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 21:57:36-04

FORT HOOD, Texas — Very few military officers ever earn the rank of general officer and the massive responsibility that comes with it.

Major General Keating is a 2-star general in the British army and serving as deputy commanding general of Fort Hood.

”General Keating has been here for the better part of a year or just shy of a year now. He has been our Deputy Commanding General for support the entire time. I work with him on a daily basis and in a lot of ways, this is more of the same,” said COL Matthew Brown, Chief of Staff for III Armored Corps and Fort Hood.

Same in the sense that America works closely with its allies and Americans under his command ... serve the British General proudly.

”Actually, it’s an experience I never thought I would get. I’ve been in the Army for about 12-years and never in my life have I thought I would ever be able to work for a General but the experience, a great experience,” said SSG Curtis Aravich, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Aid to MG Keating.

It’s not only those working alongside General Keating that are impacted by him.

Some share other experiences like early morning PT.

”For them to personally meet a 2-star General, that should not be taken lightly, and they think it’s awesome. It shows them that the highest headquarters on this installation, the 3rd Armored Corps, supports and cares about them,” said LTC Joseph Black, Commander of Fort Hood and III Corps Soldier Recovery Battalion.

Doing PT with a 2-star General with the British Army reinforces their faith in America’s Allies.

”I think that that shows a lot of trust and I think that is a good thing. I think that you need to have that in a relationship to help understand one another,” said SSG Brandon Norris, Soldier Recovery Battalion.

There has been one consistent message from Americans who serve under Major General Keating.

One best said by his former Aid, Captain Bong Chi.

”I miss him. I just want to say thanks to him again. There is no better word to explain how I appreciate his mentorship,” said CPT Bong Chi, U.S. Army Captain and former Aid to MG Keating.

A sentiment shared by all who served with Major General Michael Keating.