Here's how to make sure you are getting alerts on what's happening in your area

Our mobile app has six push notification selections.
Posted at 2:35 PM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 15:36:06-04

25 News is personalizing your app experience to make sure you are getting the alerts that are most pertinent to you.

In order to receive the push notifications that you most want to see, be sure to customize your notification settings in our app.

The mobile app has 6 push notification selections.

  • News
    • Notifications for news that affects our entire area. Including - national news, weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes. Entertainment news. Local news that is not in McLennan, Bell, or Brazos County.
  • Weather
    • Notifications for all weather events, weather pushes, hurricane coverage.
  • Sports
    • Notifications for local sports, national sports, state sports.

We also have three selections that will push notifications specific to each county:

  • McLennan County
  • Bell County
  • Brazos County

For example, if you live in Bell County and no longer want to receive push notifications specific to Brazos and McLennan County, turn those selections off.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can update your push notifications to notify you with the news you want to receive.

Click on your 25 News app. Click "Settings" on the bottom bar.

Here, choose "Notification Settings."

Now, you will see a list of your push notification options. The 6 selections listed above are found here.

Once you decide the push notification selections you'd like to receive from 25 News, toggle the on/off buttons. Green means that notification selection is ON, gray means the notification selection is OFF.

You're all set!

You will now only receive the 25 News notifications most important to you. Feel free to change these settings any time you'd like.

Don't forget to download the 25 News app if you haven't already!

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