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Lending a Helping Hand: Bellmead woman returns to Fritch to assist neighbors affected by Panhandle fires

Inez Bonneville traveled back to the Panhandle for more donations and assisting with her new neighbors in need.
Posted at 4:13 PM, Mar 14, 2024

BELLMEAD, Texas — Bellmead resident, Inez Bonneville, traveled back up to the Panhandle to Fritch, assisting where she could, donating more items for her new neighbors at her future home.


For weeks, Inez Bonneville has been traveling between Central Texas and the Panhandle.

“We were driving out toward Fritch towards Amarillo, and, it was black on the sides of the roads for like, forever,” Bonneville said.

Dropping off items for her big move, and items for her new community which lost everything.

“There’s a lot of people hurting for a lot of stuff, because houses were burned to the ground. There’s nothing salvageable for some people,” Bonneville said.

She headed to Connect Community Services, which is accepting monetary and physical donations for the long road to recovery ahead.

“We are needing laundry detergent, and any kind of stain removal items for laundry. We are also beginning to collect linens, towels and bedding because when people get into permanent living situation, they’re going to need all of those items,” co-founder of Connect Community Services Gere Jester said.

Inez will have plenty more to give to this community she’s already made a big mark on.

“It has shown us how wonderful humanity still is,” Jester said.