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7 items teen drivers need for their cars

7 items teen drivers need for their cars
Posted at 5:30 AM, May 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-05 15:56:59-04

Sending a teen out on the road might usher in safety concerns and worries about other drivers. While we can’t control everything, we can help new drivers get off to the best start and help them stay prepared for all the new adventures they’re embarking on.

From the best car battery charger to a hands-free device to help them navigate more easily, here are seven items we think every teen driver should keep in their car to help them stay safe.

Cell Phone Mount

While your teen will be advised by their driving instructor to stay off their phones while commuting, using it for navigation is typically safe. Using a hands-free cell phone mount is advised in this case, and it’s best to keep the screen near the windshield so teens can stay attentive.


USB Charger

Speaking of navigation, a dead phone battery can wreak havoc on the day when you’re using your phone to get from point A to point B. To avoid getting caught without any juice, be sure to have your teen keep a USB charger on hand. Most newer cars offer a USB connection so drivers can plug their phones in and charge on the go.

Ice Scraper

Those who live in the North and Midwest know how serious snow season can be. Get your teen’s drive started on the right foot by equipping them with a durable ice scraper. Tell your teen to store it in their trunk year-round so it’s never out of place when they need it.

First Aid Kit

If your teen is driving to sports practice, games, concerts and weekend events, having a first aid kit can help treat small cuts and blisters. A backup flashlight is useful for finding things left behind in the dark, like backpacks, purses and keys. Wet wipes always make a great addition, and we recommend stashing a small bottle of sunscreen, too, which is something that’s easily left behind back at home.


Car Registration And Insurance Card Holder

New drivers might appreciate guidance on how and where to store their required vehicle documents. Pick up a handy holder to keep insurance cards, registration, maintenance receipts and more all in one spot.

Spare Tire And Jack

Most cars come with a small spare tire in the trunk, but some older cars may no longer have a donut accessible. Flat tires happen all the time, usually when it’s wildly inconvenient, so make sure your teen has a spare tire and most importantly, knows how to put it on. Since flats can cause ample stress, consider placing a simple instruction sheet with the spare to walk them through it step by step.


Car Battery Charger

There’s a good chance you’re not thinking about your car battery unless it stops working, but this is one product that can turn a horrible situation into no big deal. The best car battery charger will get your vehicle up and running again without the need to call for a tow truck. Choose between a smart charger, which works quickly but is more expensive, and a trickle charger, which takes longer but is more economical.

If you’d like to pick one up for your teen (or for yourself!), check out our selection of the best car battery chargers that have been vetted by a team of experts.

Another idea we have for teens with cars is something that we recommend keeping at home — a spare set of keys. Because we’ve all been there!

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