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Your Hummel figurines could be worth thousands

Your Hummel figurines could be worth thousands
Posted at 9:55 AM, Apr 03, 2024

Do you own any Hummel figurines? They could be worth money. Like Precious Moments dolls, Pokemon cards or Beanie Babies, these porcelain items featuring children with rosy cheeks have been sold since 1935 and remain popular with collectors today.

As with many collectibles, not all Hummels are worth a great deal — especially newer models. But rare ones, especially those from earlier eras, will continue to be valuable and command high prices among people who find these figurines adorable and nostalgic.

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History of Hummels

Bavarian nun Sister Maria Innocentia (original name Berta Hummel) of the congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen painted the cherubic children that would become the basis for the figurines.

Franz Goebel, director of German pottery company, was impressed by Hummel’s designs and collaborated with her to transform the paintings into ceramic figurines. The pieces were an immediate success when first introduced to the public at the 1935 Trade Fair in Leipzig, Germany. Seven motifs premiered there, including Puppy Love, Little Fiddler, Book Worm, Strolling Along, Sensitive Hunter, Begging His Share and Flower Madonna. By the end of that year, 46 designs were available for sale.

Hummel died in 1946, but her figurines’ popularity endured. American troops stationed in Europe during World War II brought them back to the United States as souvenirs for friends and family. And Goebel worked with other artists to continue the line in a way that Hummel would have approved.

Around 2009, Goebel sold the company. Although production was being done by others, Hummels were still made at the original factory and royalties from the sale of figurinescontinued to support many charities associated with Hummel’s convent.

Which Hummels Are Worth Money?

Hummels reached their peak popularity and monetary value in the 1970s. In 1977, the Goebel Collector’s Club was founded in the United States, which became the international M.I. Hummel Club in 1989.

In the years since, interest in Hummels has waxed and waned, and their prices have risen and fallen accordingly. How rare or readily available a particular Hummel is as well as its overall condition determines how much it is worth. While a majority of the figurines are moderately priced, in recent years, some have sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, Hummels are currently considered out of style, so you may not get a whole lot for one right now.

In 2021, a rare Hummel Signs of Spring figure sold for an impressive $6,490 in an auction hosted by Blackwell Auctions. Depicting a girl leaning on fenceposts looking at a bird, this particular model is considered especially rare because it has four fenceposts instead of the usual three.


Other Hummels with high values in the thousands of dollars were made as samples and never sold or created as limited editions. So, in order to find Hummels worth selling, you’re going to have to look for truly special ones that people want to add to their collections.

Among the rarest and most expensive Hummels, you’ll find the figurine Adventure Bound, featuring seven boys headed somewhere special with tools in hand. There’s also For Father, a figurine of a small boy carrying a beer stein, and Picture Perfect, showing children and a dog surrounding a camera.

To make sure it’s a real Hummel, look for the M.I. Hummel inscription on the back, along with the maker’s mark and a mold number. Goebel’s name may also be on the bottom.

If you want to buy Hummels, check thrift stores and other secondhand retailers, along with eBay, Etsy and the official shop at

Hummel Figurine 319 Doll Bath

hummel figurine girl giving doll a bath

$4,999.95 at eBay

On eBay, this Hummel depicting a young girl giving her doll a bath islisted for nearly $5,000. The product description notes the figurine has no chips or cracks.

Hummel Figurine 42/0

Hummel figurine shepherd

$2,499.95 at eBay

This figurine depicts a shepherd with a rod and two sheep.

Hummel Large Apple Tree Girl & Boy

Apple Tree girl and hoy hummel

$1,075 at Etsy

One of Hummel’s most iconic designs known to be worth a lot, these Hummels showing a boy and a girl hanging from apple trees are priced on Etsy at $1,075 for the pair.

Hummel Sweet Music 186

Hummel sweet music figurine

This figurine shows a young boy playing the violin and is priced right when you buy from the seller HouseOfHummels on Etsy.

$25 at Etsy

Star Gazer – Hum 132

star gazer hummel

$250 (was $295) at M.I. Hummel Gifts

The official Hummel site is selling a cute piece called Star Gazer, featuring a boy looking through a telescope at the wonders of outer space.

Donald E. Stephens Museum of Hummels

Museum founder and former Rosemont, Illinois, mayor Donald E. Stephens discovered Hummels in the 1960s. He became fascinated with the figurines and in 1984, he donated his large private collection to the Village of Rosemont.

Now, the public can see the largest display of Hummels in the world at the Museum of Hummels. The collection includes more than 1,000 rare Hummel figures and Anri woodcarvings. Located at 9513 W. Higgins in Rosemont, IL, the Museum of Hummels is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

These images from the museum were taken by a visitor, showing some of the figures from the collection — including large-scale pieces and Disney-inspired pieces.

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