Slow to thaw today in Central Texas

Temperatures may briefly rise above freezing. Ice will refreeze overnight.
Posted at 8:08 AM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 09:29:30-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — Thanks to yesterdays freezing rain and sleet, icy roads continue to be an issue across Central Texas. Do not get out on the roads this morning if you don't have to. Many roads are iced over. Temperatures overnight dropped into the teens and 20s and will be slow to warm today. With the winds, temperatures feel like they are in the single digits, so try to keep from going outside. If you absolutely have to, make sure to wear multiple layers and cover any exposed skin. Exposed skin could experience frost bite in less than an hour in these conditions.

A slow thaw will take place through the day as clouds eventually give way to a little bit of sun this afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the mid 30s allowing for a little bit of melting. Unfortunately, as a hard freeze takes overnight tonight with lows in the teens, much will refreeze leading to icy spots Saturday morning too. Saturday will bring back the sunshine and push temperatures into the upper 40s melting all the ice away. We'll keep the slow thaw going into next week when temperatures climb into the 60s. Stay warm!

Meteorologist Josh Johns
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