Only isolated storms a possibility for Sunday

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 01, 2024

25 WEATHER — We were fortunate that all the stormy activity today decided to form in East Texas. Meanwhile, it has been rather quiet locally with just a couple storms attempting to get going. There may be another storm or two that will try to form this evening but those shouldn't last long. Of course the odds of a storm happening right where you are would be rather low. We will likely avoid any storms coming in from the west overnight as well.

Tomorrow will play out much like today, with sunshine mixing in with clouds along with a few storms trying to form. While isolated, a storm or two may be able to become briefly severe with strong winds and hail. The same forecast will more or less apply for Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday it looks like any chance of a storm will be gone. High temperatures will remain in the 90s all week long.

Caleb Chevalier
25 Weather