More clouds Tuesday, storm chances on deck

Highs will climb into the low 80s today under partly to mainly cloudy skies. Temperatures will increase tomorrow and eventually bring storm chances by Thursday.
Posted at 5:51 AM, May 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-02 08:05:43-04

CENTRAL TEXAS — If you liked Monday, you'll like Tuesday too, you just may have some more clouds around! We'll start with morning temperatures in the mid 50s, but will still see a quick warm up. Winds will stay out of the east and southeast, so don't expect a huge increase in humidity today. Highs will climb into the lower 80s by late afternoon.

As a more southerly component joins our winds tomorrow, we'll see humidity climb along with warmer air working in. Highs will get in the mid 80s. With the climbing humidity, the dry line in West Texas will be come active with thunderstorms. They should stay west of us Wednesday, but will start to try to work into our area starting Thursday.

Passing disturbances will interact with the dry line keeping rain chances around through the weekend into early next week. Since this relies on subtle features in the atmosphere, the models are struggling to handle it. Because of that, it is hard to say if any one day has better chances than the other, but right now Thursday and Saturday look like better chances to me. Any storms that can form will have the potential to turn severe. Stay tuned!

Meteorologist Josh Johns
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