Mild tomorrow as the winds get stronger

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 03, 2024

25 WEATHER — We may have some patchy fog develop tonight, but the winds may be just breezy enough to keep a lot of that from forming. Lows will drop to the 40s. Some clouds will roll through tomorrow morning but the rest of the day should see some breaks in the clouds. A few models are trying to bring some isolated showers in for Sunday afternoon but that seems unlikely at this point. It will be a mild day in the 60s but not quite as warm as it was today.

We also have a Wind Advisory for our southwestern counties tomorrow as winds there could gust up to 45 mph. It shouldn't be quite that blustery for the rest of the region but winds of 20 to 25 mph will probably be common.

A mix of sun and clouds will continue through the first half of the week but a cloudier outlook is setting up for Wednesday and beyond. Even so, we should return to the 70s for Thursday and Friday. A very small chance of showers exists on Thursday, but we'll probably have to wait until next weekend to see a bit of rain return. Odds are still relatively low at this time.

Caleb Chevalier
25 Weather