Hot for now, changes are a few days away

Posted at 6:08 PM, Aug 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-13 19:08:21-04

25 WEATHER — Over the next few days, we should experience climbing temperatures. That isn't necessarily because of strengthening high pressure, though. In fact, one sign that our weather pattern is improving is that a low pressure system is spinning just off the Texas coast, and should move inland south of Corpus Christi. While that will be too far south to offer any rain for us, it's a clue that things could soon be changing in our favor.

Highs will stay in the 100s through Wednesday, but during that time, high pressure should drift westward. This will open the door for scattered showers and thunderstorms to enter the region on Thursday. If we're fortunate, a few more storms could hang around on Friday as well. Highs should be in the mid to upper-90s to close out the week ahead. We'll be around 100° for next weekend but there are some hints that the week after that could be a bit wet as well.

Caleb Chevalier
KXXV Meteorologist