Cold & windy today in Central Texas

Highs will remain in the 30s with feel-like temperatures in the teens & 20s!
Posted at 6:44 AM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 07:49:18-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — We're waking up to a brutally cold morning outside across Central Texas!

Yesterday's strong cold front ushered in freezing temperatures that we are waking up to. Feel-like temperatures will start off in the teens this morning, and only warm up to the 20s thanks to a brisk north wind.

Be sure to dress in layers as cold conditions will be around all day.

As far as any wintry precipitation, the air that has worked in with this cold appears to be drier than anticipated. This should limit our chance of a wintry mix and shift that potential far to our south, over South Texas.

Nevertheless, with much drier air in place, it wouldn't take much to create a few flurries, so don't be surprised if you see any. These will be evaporating as they fall, so there will be no issues on the roadways.

The only issues we may find is down towards the Austin area, otherwise, main issues will stay confined to South Texas, where an ice storm may take place overnight.

Locally, the biggest threat we will face is when winds calm down overnight. Temperatures will fall below freezing as early as 7 or 8 p.m. and stay there through the morning, bottoming out in the teens when you wake up. That constitutes a hard freeze, so you need to bring in your pets, and protect your pipes.

As always, bring in your pets too, and make sure your people are warm. Temperatures will warm into the 40s on Friday, but another hard freeze is expected overnight into Saturday.

We'll begin a warming trend through the weekend with small rain chances working in early next week. Beyond that, the forecast is murky with another cold front possible. Stay tuned!

Meteorologist Josh Johns
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